Legalmondo – international lawyers platform

Legalmondo is a startup platform connecting lawyers from all around the globe. The platform is growing year after year and it's now present in more than 40 countries.
The redesign of the startup platform has been done starting from the previous wordpress structure and user flows with no brand image or strategy, that were the main challenges and bounds I met.
My response has been a new fresh brand design and a more user friendly UX&UI. I've been involved for almost 6 months in the complete design of the new brand, from business model canvas to logotype, colors, the design guidelines and design system for the platform (Bootstrap based).
Header and footer have taken functional roles in helping the user to discover the main platform areas, moving the legal notes to the footer, etc.
A new shape and relevance has been given to the blog, with attention to the degree of readability on all devices.
A style guide web platform with all the design elements, template and downloadable elements has been provided to the developer and the startup team to be independent.




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