User Research for Eataly Milan

Who are the visitors of Eataly Smeraldo? Why are they there? What are they looking for? How can we improve their experience?
This was the aim of the workshop in Service Design. With the designer and professor Valentina D’Addato and Chiara Torti I supported the students in the research and the concept scenario generation.
The developed scenarios gave the partner four different insights for future design.


Students collected a lot of data through a preliminary desk research by analyzing brand positioning and communication,
user sentiment and feedbacks, competitors and industries trends.

Four main fields were selected in order to do a field research.
Many techniques were adopted such as: shadowing, role playing and interviews.



After a first round of research they developed some ideas, finding weaknesses and opportunities in each topic.
Some of them were still based on assumptions, so a second round of research were needed to validate those ideas.
They finally identified customer archetypes and their journey.


We guided them through the idea generation from the insights they get from the research. And the re-design of four services idea.

  1. Exploring the Food Obsessed clients.
  2. Tourist’s customized path according to available time, interests and shopping preferences.
  3. Guidance through the overcrowded informations and labels in store.
  4. Comfort and hands free experience for mother carrying children.


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