A 33 giri, Service Design project work

This project work was made during a one month course in Service Design for Business, by Poli.Design Milan.
We started from the definition of the opportunity until the simulation of the experience and the design of its most significants touchpoints.
We were asked to answer this question: What would happen if the restaurant, through the introduction of new formats and new ways of interaction, could reach users in various contexts responding to the individual needs of those who must face food barriers?


Our research take us to some insight. In particular we focus on the ordering touchpoint
as critical phase for those who have food intolerances. This led us to question all the normal process
of ordering. (Brainstorming session, How Might We?)



We designed a new restaurant’s concept where music and food can live in synergy. We call it A 33 Giri, where the menu is related to a specific soundtrack on vinyl. The chef associates a secret menu with a soundtrack.

We created Business model generation, defining the partnership system. We decide to be in partnership with Bang Olufsen (as main sponsor and provider of the audio technology), Sony Records and Michelin Guide.



We define an hypothetical journey map and we tested it prototyping some interior element, such as the table with the record player.
We tested the menu ordering’s touchpoint, with the role play method.



In the end we design the Ux and Interaction for the booking process, and for reporting any food intolerances. In the client’s presentation, we defined the offer, the targets, a simple “how it works” explanation (before, in life and after the
experience), and the business plan.

The team work was composed by:
Daniela Pandozzi, Anna Fusillo and Giovanni Roccabianca

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